Thursday, September 10, 2009

What have I been up to??

Hello everyone, I have been working on a lot of different things lately. I want to make the Diary of a makeup artist experience better for you all and allow you to communicate more with me. So I will be launching a new website very very soon. It will be more interactive and you will be able to watch all of my videos there and I will be adding some fun features to the site. I also have a special feature that you guys are going to love. So keep a look out for the launch of the website it will be in October. The last time I blogged, I told you all about the Vampire diaries webisodes. The Vampire Diaries series is on tonight at 8pm on the CW so be sure to check it out. I will post links to the webidsodes soon. I will be in touch.

Thanks for all of your support.


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