Monday, April 20, 2009

Transparent finishing powder, Line filler and Refined zone Review!

Prep+Prime Line Filler and Prep+Prime Refined Zone. Prep+prime line filler is a cream that gives a matte finish and blurs the appearance of fine lines.This should be applied as a last step after you have applied all of your makeup. I recommend using a very dense brush to apply this product, such as a mac #242 or #252 brush. Prep+Prime Refined zone is a light weight oil-free soy based emulsion that helps to minimize pores and control excess oil and shine. As soon as you apply it you can see the matte finish immediately. It is great for oily skintones as well as combination or dry skins that just have an oily t-zone. Cost for line filler $19.50 and refined zone is also 19.50.

Prep+Prime Transparent Finishing Powder is a light wieight invisble powder used to set makeup. This powder is great for all skintones because it has no pigment in it. It's main ingredient is corn starch,which makes this powder super fine and silky.Cost is $21

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